everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

Ask Your Fence Contractor To Explain The Process Of Getting A New Fence And What The Warranty Covers

by Connor Hanson

If your old fence needs to be replaced or if you're putting up a fence for the first time, you'll probably have a lot of things to ask your fence contractor. Installing a fence entails digging holes in your yard and complying with local codes, so you need to plan in advance and coordinate the work with other contractors if necessary. Here are some points you might want to discuss with the fence contractor when you get your estimate for the charges.

Who Obtains The Permit And Marks Utilities

Your city might not require a permit for a new fence, but if it does, find out if you need to get it or if the fence contractor obtains the permit and adds the cost to the estimate. You'll also need to know who calls for utility lines to be marked. The lines have to be marked before the fence contractor digs on your property.

The fencing contractor will probably build the fence according to the height you specify and in the location where you want the fence placed. The contractor may advise you if what you want could be against codes, but it is up to you to make sure your new fence is in compliance with city codes and HOA regulations.

There may be regulations on the type of fence you install and the height of the fence. You may need to install the fence a certain distance inside your property line or inside an easement. You might need to have a boundary survey done to ensure you choose the right location for your new fence.

How Fast The Work Will Proceed

Your fencing contractor usually has several jobs in different stages of completion, so you can expect the work to take time. Getting the permit may cause a delay. Plus, the supplies have to be ordered and delivered. When work starts, the posts are usually sunk in the ground and surrounded by cement first. Then, the cement has to cure, so the rest of the fence might not be put up for a few days.

When you sign the contract for your new fence, the contractor should give you a timeline for when the work is expected to be complete, but there could always be a delay if a major storm passes through while you're waiting.

What The Warranty Covers

Your new fence might come with two warranties. One covers defects in the fence materials and the other covers installation and workmanship. Take time to understand the warranties and what things can void them. Also, know what you have to do if you need to submit a claim. You might need your proof of purchase or maintenance records.

Reach out to a fence contractor to discuss your needs. 


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everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

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