everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

Installing A New Fence Around Your Yard

by Connor Hanson

If you need a fence around your property, hiring a contractor to come and install the fence is a good way to get the work done quickly and make sure it is done right. A fencing company can provide the materials and install the fence for you, and often they can do it in a few days. 

Picking the Right Fencing Material

If you are considering having a fence installed around your home, picking the right kind of fence depends greatly on what you want the fence for. If you are just putting in a fence to make the property look nice, you could choose just about any fencing material that you think looks good. 

If you want a fence for privacy, you may need to consider adding a fence that is tall and made of wood or vinyl so that it is hard for people to see through. The fence does not need to be completely solid, but the closer the boards are together, the less likely people will be to see through the fence as they pass by. 

Gates and Openings

If you are going to install a fence around your property, you may want to consider putting a gate in the fence to walk through or to drive a vehicle through. If you are going to include a gate, take the time to plan out the location prior to installing the fence. It is easier to put the gate in as the fence is installed because once the fence is up, removing a section to install a gate could throw off the entire fence and might be harder to make look right.

If you want security gates, let the fence contractor know so they can get the right locks and latches for your gates and install them when they install the fence. There are many different options for locking the gates, including electronic locks that can be operated remotely. 

Paint and Coatings

Once the fence is installed, it is a good idea to paint the fence with high-quality paint to seal the wood or protect the vinyl. Not every fence will need painting but you can do it just to make it look good. Sometimes painting the fence to match the house or contrast it will make it look even better than it did when it was first installed. 

If you know what color you want the fence to be, you can have the contractor paint it for you or, if it is vinyl, they can order it in many colors for you. 


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everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

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