everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

Best Fencing For Autistic Children

by Connor Hanson

Children with autism are a risk when outside. They need to have a garden that is not just safe but also suitable for their needs. Installing a fence will help with this, but you need to think about the special needs to ensure the fencing option is just right for them. Here are some factors to consider to find the best fencing for children with autism.

Protection From Light and Sound

Autistic children are often sensitive to light and sound. This will depend on where they are on the spectrum, but is something to consider when it comes to your fencing options. You need something that will help to protect them from the noise and light around your garden. It's not possible to protect them from everything, but you can make it easier on them.

Consider higher fences, so your neighbors being in their own garden won't scare your child. Think about fences that don't have gaps in them so animal noises can be muffled. These fences can also help to block out some of the extra light from a neighbor's garden into your own.

Secure Fences Are Essential

Make sure any fence that you do install is completely secure. Children like to wander and may not understand the dangers of the outside world. A secure fence keeps them protected.

The height will also affect security, along with the material. You don't want something that is easily climbable, or something that is so small that your child will eventually grow tall enough to escape. You'll also want to ensure the fencing around any swimming pool or pond isn't moveable by someone smaller than yourself.

Offer Something Sensory

Children with autism respond in different ways, and some prefer sensory toys. They may like to explore through sound, touch or by color. Find or create a fencing option that takes this method of learning into consideration.

You may not be able to find an exact fence, but you can work on creating something suitable for your specific child. Consider the colors—and any color order your child prefers—and look for craft ideas online that will help with the learning process. It makes the garden much more fun for your special needs child.

Your garden is somewhere for your autistic child to roam, play and learn. You can help with that by creating somewhere safe and suitable for their needs. Your fencing will affect their ability to enjoy your garden, so consider the above options to keep it as safe and fun as possible. Contact a fence company, like Citi Fence and Concrete, for more help.


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everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

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