everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

Three Ways to Decorate Your Solid Wooden Fence For Fall

by Connor Hanson

During the fall when the leaves are tumbling down and the temperatures are cool, you're probably trying to squeeze in just a little more time in your yard. To make that time feel even more fall-like and enjoyable, consider decorating your solid wooden fence for the season. Here are a few ideas to use as inspiration:

Hang Some Bird Boxes

Species of birds that stick around for the fall rather than migrating will be looking for warm places to cuddle up. If you add some bird boxes to your fence, you may encourage some of them to start calling your yard home.

Look for some plain bird boxes at your local craft store. Then, purchase no-toxic acrylic paint, and paint the boxes in any design or color you like. Fall colors like burnt orange and mustard yellow look stunning! Once the bird box is dry, nail it to the fence. Place some wood shavings (for bedding) and birdseed inside, and sit back and watch for your new residents to move in.

Decorate with Colorful Picture Frames

Look for inexpensive, fall-themed picture frames at your local home goods store. Or, purchase some plain wooden frames and give them a coat of fall-colored paint. Remove the glass and backing from the frames, and then start nailing them to your fence in any pattern you choose. This design looks best if you choose picture frames of various sizes.

If you would like to display something inside of your frames instead of leaving them empty, look for frames with plexi-glass inserts, since these won't shatter and potentially cause an injury like real glass. Then, put some fall leaves inside of the frames for a festive look.

Light Up the Fence

Who says lights are just for Christmas? Look for yellow, orange, or even green lights at your local home goods store, and string them across your fence, attaching them with some simple screw-in hangers. You can even hang metal hook-style hangers over the top of your fence, and then loop the lights over them. You'll love the way your yard becomes illuminated when the sun sets early in the fall.

Having a solid fence in your yard allows you to employ an endless number of seasonal decorating ideas. If your yard is fenceless, consider having a fence put in place by a local fencing company so that next fall, you have a wide, open space to decorate, too.


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everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

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