everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

Repair A Chain Link Fence That Is Rusted And Has Chipped Paint On Its Surface

by Connor Hanson

If you have purchased a piece of property that is surrounded with a chain link face that is rusted and has sections of paint peeling off of it, learn how to make repairs with the following steps. Once you have finished, your land will have an attractive border surrounding it that will be easy to maintain.


  • drop cloths
  • wire brush
  • naval jelly
  • putty knife
  • water hose
  • exterior paint (for metal)
  • mixing stick
  • paint tray
  • thick-napped roller
  • roller handle and frame
  • drop cloth
  • painter's tape
  • rust inhibitor

Remove Rust And Peeling Paint

Place a drop cloth on each side of the fence to collect rust and paint as it falls from the fence. Use a wire brush to loosen rust spots and peeling paint. Move the brush back and forth vigorously. If any of the rust or paint is difficult to remove, apply an even coat of naval jelly to each area and wait for it to penetrate for a few minutes. The naval jelly will loosen the hardened rust and paint. Use a putty knife and wire brush to remove any residue that remains on the fence. Rinse the fence off with a water hose when finished and wait for its surface to dry.

Add A Couple Coats Of Paint

Mix a can of exterior paint that is designed for metal until it is a creamy consistency. Pour the paint into a paint tray. Apply pieces of painter's tape to any trim on the fence that you do not want to cover with the paint. Apply an even coat of the paint to a thick-napped roller that is connected to a frame and roller. The thickness of the material that the roller is made out of will ensure that the paint is applied smoothly. 

Begin in one corner of the fence. Add the paint in straight lines by moving the roller from top to bottom. Wait a couple hours for the paint to dry after the fence is coated with paint. Apply a second coat of paint and wait for it to dry.

Protect The Fence From Damage

Apply a coat of rust-inhibiting spray to the fence to prevent damage in the future. Stand back from the fence a couple feet as you apply the spray evenly to the painted metal. The spray will need a few hours to dry. Once this occurs, remove the painter's tape and drop cloth. Enjoy the beauty of the fence. Keep it clean by spraying it off with a water hose and removing surface stains with soapy water in the future. 

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everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

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