everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

Five Good Reasons To Choose Iron Fencing

by Connor Hanson

Wrought iron fencing has been around for generations. It adorns balconies in New Orleans' French Quarter, surrounds antebellum homes in the south and accents luxury estates throughout North America. You still see century homes in a lot of areas with original iron fencing. However, longevity isn't the only good reason to opt for this type of fencing. Iron fencing is unique and beautiful, provides good security, withstands most any kind of weather, and is relatively easy to take care of.

Benefits of iron fencing

1. Iron fencing is uniquely beautiful. Unlike most other types of fencing, which are produced in a factory, iron fencing is hand-forged, making each fence panel unique. You can also get designs on iron fencing that are impossible on other types of material, such as swirls, twists and loops. Iron fencing adds an elegant beauty to any property.

2. Iron fencing lasts a long, long time. The average iron fence lasts for 30 years or more. That compares to the average seven to 12-year lifespan of an untreated wood fence. In fact, it's not unusual for iron fencing to last for a century or longer.

3. Iron fencing provides an extra degree of security for your home and family. Unlike wood fencing that can be easily scaled or chain link fencing that can be easily cut with wire cutters, iron fencing is difficult to climb and virtually impossible to cut. You can add decorative spear-like finials to the fence posts for even greater security.

4. Iron fencing is easy to maintain. All you have to do to keep your iron fencing looking sharp is to paint the fence with a rust-resistant paint every few years. With iron, you don't have to worry about termites infesting the panels or warping after a hard rain, nor about the fence rotting at the soil line.

5. Iron fencing is weather-resistant. While other types of fencing can be blown over or damaged by high winds, iron fencing stands strong through virtually any type of weather. It can also withstand all but the heaviest falling boughs and limbs. You also don't have to worry about iron fencing cracking or weakening in heavy snows.

Wrought iron fencing isn't necessarily the right choice for every homeowner. However, although this type of fencing is generally more expensive than other types of fencing, it is unique, durable and provides extra security for your home and family. It's certainly worth considering.


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everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

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