everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

Maintaining A Wrought Iron Fence

by Connor Hanson

A wrought iron fence can be an expensive investment. Even though it can cost a little extra when compared to other fencing options, it can be worth the price. Instead of a plain fence a wrought iron fence can make the whole yard look beautiful. This is because the rough iron can be custom built with different styles and designs that can complement your yard. It is also very durable and can last for a long time, even in the elements. This is because iron is very strong and will not fall apart like wood or other fencing materials. But like any kind of fencing, wrought iron can be susceptible to damage and needs to be properly cared for. Nothing can ruin the look and feel of your yard more than a rusty and old-looking fence. There are a number of important steps that can be taken to make sure that the wrought iron fencing is taken care of and always looking beautiful.

1. Protect It. Because the fence is iron, it can become rusted over time. To help prevent this, the fence should be sealed. A protective wax or sealer can help with this problem. The wax or sealer will not allow the water and humidity to affect the iron as dramatically.

2. Fix Trouble Spots. If rust is found on the fence, it should be fixed immediately. Rust can start to slowly spread and decrease not only the look of the fence but also the structural integrity. By identifying the rust spots and fixing them, you will prevent further damage. You will also want to find the cause of the rust. Is there a sprinkler hitting the fence or a pool of water causing the rust? These issues can also be fixed to prevent further rusting. Many times the rust can be sanded off and the affected area can be repainted and sealed. If the damage is too severe, the fence may need to be replaced or professionally fixed.

3. Dents and Bending. A wrought iron fence is strong but it can be bent or dented. A baseball could be thrown at the fence and dent it. An animal could run into the fence and bend it. A number of other things could happen to damage it. These can be fixed by bending the section back into place. For stubborn sections, using a blowtorch to soften the iron and then hammering the section back into place may be necessary. The section may then need to be repainted and resealed as well.

These are just a few of the ways that you can maintain your wrought iron fence and keep it in great condition year round. This will allow your fence and your yard to stay beautiful. Contact a company like Family Fence Company for more information.


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everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

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