everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

Why Aluminum Is A Good Choice For Your Pool Fence

by Connor Hanson

If you're planning on installing a backyard pool, you want to learn about fencing regulations. Even if you're not required to put up a pool fence, you may want to for safety reasons. You may not have children of your own, but a fence will still be handy for keeping guests out of your pool. You won't have the nagging concern of someone falling into your pool by accident. Plus, your homeowner's insurance coverage may specify you need a fence when you put in a new pool. The only question is the best type of fence, and aluminum could be the answer. Here's why.  

Lightweight Gates

Aluminum fences are sturdy, but they are still lightweight. That makes the gates easy to swing open. You'll probably have your hands full when you enter the pool area and the last thing you need is to struggle with swinging open the gate as you often have to do with heavy wood or wrought iron varieties. However, keep in mind, you still don't want the gate to swing freely, or that defeats the purpose of the pool fence. Instead, the best pool gate is one that swings outward from the pool and then self-closes and self-latches.

Safety Panels

You can buy aluminum fence panels specifically made for pool fencing. These are made with the bars close together so a toddler or pet can't slip through. Pool fence panels are smooth, so there is no worry about your child cutting fingers on rough rivets or rusty screws. In fact, an aluminum fence doesn't rust, which makes it ideal for a high humidity area near a fence. The panels come in a variety of shapes, and this allows you to choose kid-friendly versions with smooth, flat top rails, or more secure fences with spiked tops. You also don't have to worry about kids getting splinters or paint flakes off an aluminum pool fence.

Removable Posts

You can also buy removable aluminum pool fencing that has mesh between the posts rather than bars. This keeps everything out of your pool from blowing leaves to kids. The mesh completely encloses your pool, so you know nothing can get in, yet you can still see through the mesh and enjoy the view of the water. The best thing about this type of pool fence is that it's removable. You can pull the posts out of the holes in your pool deck and roll away the fence for pool parties.

Aluminum is an ideal material for a pool fence because it is strong, lightweight, durable, and it requires very little maintenance. Plus, if you choose aluminum fencing for the rest of your yard, it will completely blend in. Even if the pool fence is your only fencing, you don't have to worry about it being an eyesore since you can buy it in a variety of ornamental styles. Contact a local outlet, such as Fence-It, for further assistance. 


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everything you need to know about vinyl fencing

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